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Closed loop solution for local council

A local council had decided to alter the way it collected household recyclables by introducing a co-mingled collection service. This meant introducing new wheelie bins to every household in the district and making the plastic recycling baskets and boxes redundant. Rather than leaving each householder to dispose of their own baskets and boxes and risk overloading the local household waste recycling centre, the council asked us to come up with a solution.

Working with the council we agreed to run a doorstep collection service for the redundant baskets and boxes. Collections in the area were run over a two week period using six council recycling vehicles each day. The main complication was that the baskets and boxes had to be emptied before we could collect them. We hired six large vans to follow the recycling vehicles for the two week period and collected the baskets and boxes once they had been emptied.

This meant the household waste centres did not get overwhelmed with the redundant baskets and boxes and that they were recycled rather than being sent to landfill. The material used to produce the baskets was the same as that required by the wheelie bin manufacturer, so after recycling the recovered material was delivered to the manufacturer and used in production - a complete closed loop solution for the council.

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